What qualification needed to become a great nurse?

Want to become a nurse; if yes, then it is important to go through every type of details which helps to become a nurse. Nurses perform many tasks for taking care of the health of the patients. There are many educational options available which can help in becoming a nurse. It depends on the career goals of an individual, which makes them choose a particular line as according to their passion and career. People are wondering for what education is needed to become a nurse, so go through the details mentioned below. Nurses are of two types as like the licensed practical nurses (LPNs), registered nurses (RNs. The LPNs are those who are supervised by the top doctors and nurses of the hospital. The RNs nurses are registered nurses who use to take care of the patients and their families as well. These nurses even sometimes assist the doctors as well.

Career options for becoming a nurse:-

Licensed Practical nurses (LPNs)

The LPN nurses are known as the LVNs as well, which denotes as the licensed vocational nurses who are controlled by the registered nurses. These nurses assist the patients and take care of them as well as for their families as well. Some of the LPNs are not so trained and specialized; that is why they work for the general purpose of work.

Registered nurses (RNs)

The registered nurses are helpful in giving treatment and care to the patients. These nurses work with doctors and with the other professionals of health care to guide the patients about their medicines. The RNs work for a long time period in hospitals.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs)

The advanced practice registered nurse needs to complete their advanced education, and they need to have a better experience as well in their working. It is a must for them to have a graduation degree in the field of nursing. These nurses use to perform the same duties as the registered nurses are having.

Education field

The educational field in nursing is in public and private colleges and schools. In some hospitals, they provide the practice on the field. The nursing programs have the knowledge, learning, and practical practicing as well.


Hope that an individual will go through the details and other educational criteria as well to become a perfect nurse for the welfare of the patients and their health too along with their families as well.